Brighton SEO 2012 – 10 Key Things To Take Away

Brighton SEO 2012 was held on the 13th of April and attracted upwards of 900 people (although it should have been 1000, many people didn’t turn up). Rather than do a huge write up I wanted to list just the key things that I have taken away from this years Brighton SEO. Links to the currently available slides can be found at the bottom of this post. Ask the Engines – SEO Panel Pierre Far, Dave Coplin, Martin McDonald, Rishi…

New Sitemaps Options in Google Webmasters Tools

Google have updated the Sitemaps Site Configuration section of their webmasters tools service. Although its a minor change I really like the new style, its a lot easier to visualise everything. Hopefully Google will start updating more of the config options in Webmasters Tools. Bringing up to Googles current style guidelines would give it a well needed revamp!